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The Helgen sock pattern is a very easy but effective pattern that is adjustable to knit in every shoe size. Definitely a very good pattern for a beginner sock knitter but also for experienced sock knitters who like the simplicity of a vanilla sock but needs the fun and interest of a stitch pattern.

This pattern is written for knitting cuff down with dpns and a heel flap and gusset. Nevertheless you can knit your favorite method and the heel or toe you enjoy the most. It os no problem to adjust the pattern to your likings.

„Hey you, you’re finally awake”, is what you hear from a stranger. You are sitting on a cart heading towards the small, insignificant town of Helgen in southern Skyrim. Your hands are tied up – you are being delivered to your verdict. But what crime have are you even supposed to have committed? None of the officials in Helgen seem to care. For them, it is just business as usual, until – a terrifying scream cuts through the sky. A horror that has not been heard of for centuries. A dragon, in your own homeland! What are you going to do? In the chaos that immediately breaks out, you are barely able to escape while the dragon lays the town to ashes. But your story has just begun here …
Only a few sunrises later, you are told to be a “Dragonborn”, a legend of old, with the power to free Skyrim from the dragons who are once again invading it. So muster your courage, fulfil your destiny and face these ancient enemies!
But don’t forget: It gets really cold in Skyrim, and there is way more than one mountain for you to climb ahead of you. Luckily enough, as a Dragonborn, you are not only able to absorb the strength of dragons you slew, but also to create powerful armor from their scales. Powerful armor – and, believe it or not - cozy socks, too!

Sizes included:

Children shoes size from EU 22/23 - UK 5.5/6.5 - US 5.5/6.5 up to EU 38/39 - UK 5/5.5 - US5.5Y/6Y

Women shoe size from EU 36/37 - UK 3.5/4.5 - US 5.5/6.5 up to EU 42/43 -UK 8.5/9.5 -US 11/11.5

Men shoe size from EU 38/39 - UK 5.5/6 - US 6.5/7 up to EU 46/47 - UK 11.5/12.5 - US 12/13

Helgen socks pattern

€6.00 Regular Price
€3.00Sale Price
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